Inighi is a diversified fashion group with a portfolio of investments and operations across the Nigerian fashion value chain in garment manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail brand ownership, and global fashion trade.

CHEKINI: Apparel Manufacturing

Our apparel services company, Chekini (a JV with Onchek), designs, manufactures, and distributes garments made from 100% cotton, proudly utilizing a 100% local supply chain to deliver quality garments while supporting local communities, and promoting sustainable practices.At Chekini, we are on a mission to reduce import dependency, boost local production, and make the Nigerian fashion industry competitive through high-volume apparel production and distribution.

Domestic Retail

Inighi champions the "Made in Nigeria" movement, through strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of domestic retail brands.Our efforts enable us to champion locally-produced fashion by providing resources for Nigerian designers to reach a wider audience. Through these partnerships, we not only support the industry but also enhance its quality and competitiveness in the global market.

AFFAREL: International Wholesale Trade

Although the African continent boasts abundant creative talent, its share of the global fashion retail market remains below 2%. Through Affarel, we provide an integrated suite of services that connects global retailers/brands with African designers/brands and provides back-end support for both parties.Our trade partnership (through Affarel by CAFET) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Africa Trade and Investment (ATI) program enables us to facilitate apparel exports to the US under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

CAFET: Production Workforce Development

Through the Centre for African Fashion Education and Technology (CAFET), we deliver specialised and localised workforce development programs to cultivate a skilled and specialized garment workforce that meets the industry's needs.Recognizing the limitations of traditional skill development initiatives, which focus solely on entrepreneurship, our Workforce Development Program (WDP) addresses the critical skilled gap in the labour force required by large and medium businesses, fostering a sustainable and thriving fashion industry.

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